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    FIFA 17 – new features: what’s new in the new FIFA?

    Establish with meticulousness a list of changes of a new FIFA is never an easy task, since often the most publicized new features are also those that are not very showy in practice.

    This year, the main change to the gameplay lies in the sense of speed, not so much in players’ values, but rather in the sense of airiness and more rational cadences in the match.Certainly, there are still excited in midfield situations, but there is definitely more time to think in every part of the field.

    FIFA 17 – Game Modes:

    • Mode the Journey – The Journey is the first story ever in the franchise mode of FIFA (only available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One). Will put us in the shoes of Alex Hunter, and his ascent of Olympus football. Has a little ‘the feeling of the old Become a Legend mode, but with more a story full-blown, with a lot of dialogue systems, and different cut-scenes about the progress made. In the video below you can take a look at a section taken from the demo, so that you can get an idea of what’s on offer.The best of the fifa 17 coins generator are the real one and here is a link to fifa 17 coin generator just click and generate to bank hard.
    • Mode FUT Champions – Now we can compete globally, with the chance to win real prizes, completing a series of challenges in the Ultimate Team FIFA 17. By winning the tournaments eliminating daily FUT, we can get in-game prizes and a place in the Weekend League. Doing well in this competition, and winning the most matches possible, get new cards as prizes from Bronze to Elite, in order to strengthen the team and prepare the next major competition. But a weekend played well is not enough. Get solid performance at each of the weekend tournament, you level up climbing the Monthly Leaderboards, getting better and better prizes. Getting even better results, you will have access to the most coveted awards and you can compete in real tournaments like the FIFA Regional Monthly Leaderboards and the FIFA Interactive World Cup.
    • Avatar Coaches – Coaches are now present in FIFA for the first time, with 20 coaches of the Premier League for the 2016/17 season included. You can also choose between some avatar to represent your appearance as a manager in the Career Mode.
    • Enhanced Mode Pro Club – EA has changed the growth factors than in the past: there is more specificity in relation to the role, then a defender will speed up progress in some statistics related to its sector, with respect to what could make a defensive midfielder. The skill points acquired through your performance will be exchanged to improve the player providing it with new skills related to their role.

    FIFA 17 All-Stars of the gameplay:

    • Increase in the Game Body – the technical introduction of ‘Pushback Tech’ now allows players, especially shooters, to keep possession of the ball more effectively. Holding down LT / L2 on the controller when the ball is coming to the player, you will see it that keeps the position protecting the receipt, in a way opposite to the tight control that this key combination offered in previous incarnations of the series.
    • Conclusions calibrated mesh – It is finalization which will place the ball into the net with low shots, powerful. They can result in spectacular conclusions especially on the fly or from a distance, and are extremely easy to perform. Just press a double tap on the fire button (B or Circle). It is a great return, and the players of FIFA ’97 and most of the popular FIFA ’98: Road to World Cup will remember (you could do amazing overturned from outside the box with that double tap on the circle (unreal but extremely fun!) . the most effective way to perform this type of claim is to click once on the throw, and after quickly click a second time. the rule of three power notches is golden – because the power of the conclusion of this type of shot is calculated on the basis of what you hold down the first time, and is activated when you click the second.
    • Passes in Depth Calibrated – At first glance may look identical to the normal filtering steps, but in practice, allow to direct the ball towards a greater number of players and in small spaces that exist between them: then an excellent solution for the game on the wings. To perform them, simply click and hold RB / R1 and then press the shift key at depth (normally Y or Triangle).
    • Elegant steps – Press L2 / RT + the key of the passage, to pass the ball with finesse.
    • New Punishment Tactics – A new ‘outside of foot’ style of punishment allows to kick the penalties with different feet and angles than in previous games of FIFA.
    • Remittances in totally magazines Game – All in game remittances (kicks, corners, throw-ins, and from the bottom and penalties) have been completely this year with new systems journals.
    • Cross Netherlands – You can run a low cross with a double tap on the cross button, and the trajectory of the ball will remain close to the ground. Great choice for close situations, and for fast attackers, agile and with good offensive skills, such as Sergio Aguero, or Marcus Rashford.
    • Cross Low shot – As above, but need three taps on the cross button.
    • Cross Policy – Press L1 + on the cross button before receiving the ball.
    • Calibrate the remittances Goalkeeper – Goalkeepers have received much attention this year, with the addition of Remittances and Kicks Calibrated Referral. Now, when the goalkeeper has the ball in hand, you can accurately deliver the ball with his hands holding down R1 / RB and the remittance button or drop out, depending on your choice. The second option is effective to quickly revive the action and push your fast strikers.

    FIFA 17 – All 75 Skill Moves

    In FIFA 17 there will be a 75 Skill Moves to be used to jump the man, finding space for a pass, send a defender off balance or even discard the goalkeeper. Advanced players will want to learn as much as possible, because to compete at the highest levels will be absolutely necessary, is not enough to have fast and physically strong players and Foot to win! and here with fifa 17 free coins one can have the skill full player to rock with best top notch and promising goals.

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    From young talent to world star: The new game mode “The Journey” comes in “Fifa 17” -Spielern good. We give a few tips for easier access.

    One of the biggest innovations in ” FIFA 17″ is the story mode, called “The Journey”. In it, you take on the role of young talent Alex Hunter, who debuted as a 17-year-old at a Premier League club and will be one of the biggest football stars in the world. This is not just about scoring goals (or what to avoid), but they also experienced the ups and downs of the international football business. So it was bubbling in important games only on the bench, gets cool for actions more followers in social networks and constantly feels the competition from the other players. We give a few tips for the new game mode.

    1. As important as the response options are really

    Whether in training or in the mixed zone: You can often in discussions or interviews for several possible answers (Cool, Balanced, hotheaded) decide. On the course of the story you change nothing. Select the coolness variant, like the coach, but comes from the public at little. Respond hotheaded, collect fast followers, resulting in major sponsorship deals – but the coach which is very enthusiastic and you risk possibly the trunk space. The balanced version is a compromise of the two.

    2. What’s up with sponsors to be?

    Are you in interviews a hothead, you fly the hearts of fans too formal. It is even faster but if you convince with excellent performance. With 200,000 followers waiting the first sponsor: Adidas. Alex then gets new high-tech offenders, provide however in the game not a single advantage – quite realistic. More deals can be found at 275,000 and 300,000 followers. But even that has no real impact on the story, but you get some nice cut scenes to see, including that with real stars as Angel di Maria. FIFA 17 Coin generator

    3. Select Skills wisely

    The more Alex Hunter is in “The Journey”, the more skill points you unlock. In order to improve about your duel or dribbling. However, you should carefully consider in what capacity you invest points – and in which not. As a striker, you should improve logically everything that makes Shots and headers dangerous as a midfielder should rather dribbling and the fit are the focus. Generally recommended are a higher speed and endurance, standards on the other hand, you can at least negligible at the beginning.

    4. Must the requirements of the coach reach

    In the first match in which you are off the bench, it’s not just about winning – you must convince the coach himself. There are a number of requirements expected by the manager: So you must achieve at least a match rating of 7.0 or higher, a template for a goal have given and have even allowed no goals. Achieving one or more of these requirements, there are additional points and rise faster in the favor of the coach, what you turn ensures a regular place. A general rule of thumb: Do not play with the whole team, but with Alex Hunter – then the goals usually are easier to achieve.

    In "Fifa 17" There are some young players who are with some training of the greats


    Fifa 17: This low-cost talent you should grab

    Messi, Ronaldo, Neuer, Özil: The real star footballers are also in “Fifa 17” no bargain.But there are talents that are similarly well – and costs only a fraction. We have dug up a few diamonds in the transfer market.

    5. Insufficient overview? To change the camera

    Much more important than the conversations are your performance on the court. However, the default setting in “The Journey”, the so-called “Be A Pro” -Kameraperspektive if you only play with Alex Hunter and not with the whole team. The looks cool, but many players find this view not clear. In the settings you can but the normal camera activate.

    6. Which club to choose?

    After the junior competitions of “The Journey”, you can opt for any Premier League club. Here begins the career of Alex Hunter. But for which club should one choose? In general: Small associations pay less money, but the chance of a regular place higher. The competitive pressure in prestigious teams such as Manchester United or Arsenal, however, is much higher, but here waving the big money.

    use 7. Free training will be useful

    Multiple in the career you have the opportunity to study a free training. The more difficult the exercise, the more you improve yourself – if you complete the exercise successfully. Best also one concentrates on exercises for essential skills such as shooting power.

    8. Is it bad if you lose a game?

    Not really. Even if you lose two or three games, will continue the game. However, you can also fly from the team when the coach disappointed too often. If you fail at first in the junior competitions, you can simply try again. Although it suggests the game differently – too big, the pressure is not. Overall a career in “The Journey” will take 10 to 15 hours, depending on whether you play the training itself or can only be simulated. Astuce FIFA 17

    9. Can Alex hurt?

    Yes, Alex can be injured in games. but real consequences not: More than one video stream and some advice from the coach, you should be more careful next time, there is not.

    10. These bonuses can be free to play

    In the course of “The Journey” you unlock multiple Players out on loan for the mode “Fifa Ultimate Team” (FUT). At the end of the season – and career – you get Alex Hunter for his own Ultimate Team. The strength of the playing card is geared to the values ​​of the career-figure. training One should take seriously so if you want a strong FUT card. Overpowering the FUT card is not, they reached at the end of the 75 points.

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